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"I am Maximilian Milenkovics and together with my team I support established companies as well as start-ups by representing the link between the existing world and the digital world. We enable companies to generate maximum profit and costs through digitization, process automation and scaling minimize."

We can still tell or write a lot about ourselves (which we have also done), but you are here to benefit from our expertise in the field of digitization and automation. So press the button right away and make an appointment.

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How do you benefit from us?

With the right one Know-how, our high quality network and ours Infrastructure everyone succeeds in digitizing their business model in a short time.

We deliver Instructions andGuidesfrom lived practice and implement our solutions tailored to your needs.

The consumer behavior of the people and the added value of the economy are changing digitalization rapid and irreversible.

To also in the next few years competitive digitization of the company is inevitable to stay.

Our implemented systems support this and are so just like painting by numbers.

Security through our step by step plan

1. Analysis

We analyze your company and your digital infrastructure to create an individual solution for your Problems to develop.

This step includes the following:

- Internal processes: An analysis to determine whether your processes are as digital and automated as possible.

- Website / online shop: An efficiency analysis to determine whether your website / online shop needs further measures to improve performance.

- Google SEO / SEA: The Google ranking and existing ads are checked.

- Social media profile / ads: Your social media presence, your digital brand and existing ads are analyzed.

- Digital Marketing: The potential of alternative marketing channels is determined for your company.

- Internal IT infrastructure: The existing structure is analyzed to see if the most efficient and cost-effective technology is already implemented.

- Peer group comparison: Using quantitative data, we determine the level of your company and your competition at the moment.

2. Implementation

you need no Previous knowledge in finance, marketing or IT. Our templates are integrated into your existing company.

This step includes the following:

- implementation: We integrate our finance, marketing and IT solutions in your company so that processes such as customer acquisition, telephone service, appointment management, order acceptance, sales, accounting, bookkeeping, controlling ... are automated.

- School enrollment: We will show you how to control your new system and which controllers you need to operate and when.

- Active care: We offer active customer support and can be reached at any time via phone, Whatsapp, email or video.

- training: Personalized learning with results! We support you and your employees in the form of training so that everyone can work efficiently with the new structure.

- network: You are never alone! You use our network of tax consultants, lawyers, bankers, mentors and other experts to achieve the best results.

3. Scaling

All of your processes are now digitized. With process automation, you have in the company costs lowered and thereby more time procured.

This step includes the following:

- Range: Your organic reach is now growing constantly. In the long term, this gives you the opportunity to establish a digital brand so that everyone knows you and your products / services. This ensures you an expert status for more authenticity in order to receive more customer inquiries.

- customer acquisition: Since we have optimized your marketing strategies, you can now target your target group even more precisely. You are also able to acquire customers yourself, whether online or offline.

- increase in sales: Due to the targeted increase in your reach and number of customers, your sales also increase proportionally.

- Profit and Equity: All the optimizations carried out have reduced your costs and increased your sales. As a result, your profit increases and you have more equity available for future projects in the company.

You can use this 3-step plan again in your new project.

Our focus in detail

From 0 to 100

Build, grow, scale:

We support your company throughout the entire process of digitization following services:

- Analysis and optimization of the previous digital infrastructure

- Building a modern and professional website

- Development of a digital academy / e-learning platform

- Development of an automated online shop

- Production of a meaningful web video

- Conception of digital marketing campaigns (funnels)

- Active management of online marketing (SEO, SEA, social media)

- Digital assistance for permanent support up to 40h / month

- GDPR related advice

- Implementation of automation processes (finance, marketing, IT)

Examples of process automation:
- customer acquisition
- Telephone service
- appointment management
- order acceptance
- Sales
- accounting
- Accounting
- controlling

Seminars, trainings, coaching:

We bring self-employed people, managing directors and employees more success by:

- Professional sales training in sales

- Improved appearance

- Cold calling strategies

- Special closing deals

- Use of the M.M. - The Consultant Business Network

- Business angel

Our clients say

It is impressive how my idea developed through the advice of M.M. - The Consulant became a complete digital company. From 0 to 100 in no time!

I was finally able to start successfully in entrepreneurship. At the same time, all processes were digitized and my sales were scaled. I now run my digital company full-time.

As a contact person, coach or mentor, M.M. - The Consultant with this extensive knowledge is in great demand.

These solutions have increased efficiency across our company.

I received the best support in all areas in setting up my start-up. There were no questions left unanswered.

Our company has become much more profitable since the entire IT infrastructure was renewed.

Some of our successful collaborations

Satisfaction guarantee

We promise You fullest satisfaction with our services.

After the project has been handed over, completed or implemented, we would like you to have at least a reasonable period of time for implementation 3 months give.

According to British researchers, people need 66 days of repeating until new actions result accustomed Behavior pass over.

So after these three months there shouldn't be any of the above successes enter, so you get afterwards 100% of the invoice amount. *

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Flexible payment options

Installment payments

0% financing up to 60 months!

No matter how big Your project may be! Every company has a right to exist and every one Companies faces the same Challenges through digitization.

With this flexible payment model, we want every start-up, self-employed person and company to possibility offer to cooperate with us despite short-term financial bottlenecks.


About M.M. - The Consultant

Maximilian Milenkovics is the founder and managing director of M.M. - The Consultant.

As a management consultant, he supports start-ups, self-employed and established companies so that they can rise to the next level. The focus here is on digitizing the business model. Internal company costs can be reduced through modern processes of automation. New sales and profits are created through a generally improved digital presence and the subsequent scaling of the business.

Maximilian has constantly built up his management consultancy. His services are in demand in companies of all sizes. He advises SMEs as well as corporations. Its largest clients generate an annual turnover of 950 million euros.

With his companies, he has already successfully advised more than 200 companies. Maximilian is also involved in the management of some limited liability companies and is considered a mentor in the start-up scene. In combination with his established companies and the family business, he manages a total of around 80 employees. His digitized management consultancy is one of the most efficient in Austria.


Maximilian Milenkovics, BSc

- CEO & Founder

Your strategy talk

A few more words that are important to us.

If you are our philosophy appeals, then we would love to have a very good chat with you non-binding conversation to lead.

It does not depend on whether we will cooperate with one another, but on the expansion of the personal Network. We also offer everyone ours free Business analysisthat his company on the possibilities of digitalization want to check.

time is an enormously valuable asset. We don't want to waste this. That is exactly why we only work with people and companies who really do interest on digitization and one associated with it financial growth to have.

When you are ready in your future success and your personal further education to invest, contact us immediately, or sign up for yours free Strategy talk in our digital calendar.

I am happy to hear from you.