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Myth: There is nothing called "too many ideas"

The truth: you have to be able to react to the ideas.

We must all be familiar with the "apple" revelation from Isaac Newton, who planted the seeds of the "principle of gravity" in his mind.

In 1665, Sir Isaac Newton was suddenly exposed to gravity when he saw a fruit fall in an orchard in his hometown of Woolsthorpe Manor. An idea as banal as a falling fruit confirms how easy it is to come up with new concepts. But a flood of ideas, no matter how fancy or sophisticated it may sound, is not always successful.

A company can be filled with ideas and the notion that it is not "too many" can be an overwhelming burden for small businesses. If the abundance of ideas a company does not determine in time which ideas are worth pursuing, it may even have a few ideas too much be.

And it doesn't end with picking a few ideas out of many and crowning them "good". One also needs to weigh their feasibility, their coherence with a company's mission, their ability to innovate and the value they create before taking on the task of making them happen.

Any idea shouldn't be implemented until it is clear that these ideas complement one or more positive aspects of a business, such as brand awareness, creating value for customers, etc.

Hence, the claim that there is nothing but "too many" Ideas, and putting all ideas aside for future reference creates a great deal of confusion when it comes to putting them into practice.