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Myth: Innovation is an individual achievement

The truth: ideas are realized by teams

It has become a common trend to see innovators in the same categories as inventors, today's Einsteins, Archimedes, and so on. They are the outsiders and lateral thinkers who single-handedly invent the next big thing all by themselves, of course with the support of a few assistants for everyday tasks.

We tend to believe that innovation, like an invention, is an individual achievement!

In today's world, however, innovation is less and less about a single individual and more about the interdisciplinary efforts of a large number of people to bring a single idea to life.

Nowadays it is not only incorrect to attribute an innovative project to just one person like Edison or Archimedes, but also demoralizing for people like those who stubbornly devote months or even years of their time and effort to making a project come true.

Certainly someone who comes up with a groundbreaking idea deserves recognition. But an idea like this is as good as last year's calendar unless teams or multiple disciplines come together to bring it to life.

Nowadays an individual cannot do everything and undoubtedly needs the support of an efficient team that covers the entire path from idea to realization.

Innovation can do more than a company's resources, i.e. Talent, require to make a project a reality. An organization cannot go beyond its strengths, and a project can require more than that.

To claim that innovation is a thing for a person or even for a company is therefore tantamount to ignoring the efforts of countless others who put their efforts into a project.