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Myth: Innovation shouldn't be shackled by discipline

Truth: An idea cannot develop in chaos

Innovation is the process by which ideas can be converted into invoices.

 - That may sound convincing, but the task of turning an innovative idea into reality can be quite demanding. Mainly because the idea of innovation often leaves room for unrestrainedness, which can later prove to be an obstacle in the implementation.

Therefore, rather than just focusing on being creative with business ideas, it is crucial to be disciplined and deliberately looking for opportunities that suit an organization's interests.

In fact, as Peter Drucker in his book "The discipline of innovation " points out that successful innovations are hardly the result of a brainstorm of intuitive thinking; they are almost always a by-product of taking a disciplined approach to finding new opportunities.

For example, Ford, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, failed to conquer the market with the Edsel, which up to that point was one of the most carefully built cars to hit the road.

Conversely, Ford has learned from its failure and has taken a much more systematic approach with its next release - the Mustang. He researched the market and changing lifestyles of the general population and implemented the same into the functionality of the car, and well, the rest is history!

 In addition, with constraints such as time and resources, organizations can rarely afford to fully enforce their ideas. Ipso facto, established innovators should approach new project ideas from the start, taking due account of factors such as financial aspects, scope, execution and ROI.

Measured steps like this increase the possibility of successfully implementing innovations for the benefit of a company.

In conclusion, it can be stated that although innovation is undoubtedly highly dependent on creativity and ingenuity, it can only reach its maximum potential if it is supported by targeted work. Ergo, you should concentrate more on systematic innovation instead of just being productive with your ideas.