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With environmentally friendly initiatives for a greener tomorrow

Climate change, global warming and pollution - these are just a few key words that we should all be concerned about.
In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, we at M.M. - The Consultant put the following measures into practice and we are constantly working on new measures.

Environmentally friendly parcel deliveries

When delivering our parcels, we rely on the bicycle courier service or Austrian Post. As we know, Austrian Post is already using electric vehicles for delivery. Bicycle couriers for shorter delivery routes instead of cars help to significantly reduce emissions.


To visit our customers at short distances, we use electric vehicles, bicycles or e-scooters for the very short distances. We use environmentally friendly standards and guidelines to cover longer distances. These include:

  • Lower-consumption driving on a motorway at a maximum of 120 km / h
  • Use of environmentally friendly drive systems

Minimized power consumption

The office space at MM - The Consultant are equipped with intelligent sockets to minimize daily electricity consumption. These sockets help automatically turn off devices such as Wi-Fi, TVs, adapters and Internet routers when they are in standby mode.

Minimize trips and personal meetings

We try to schedule our customer appointments online instead of going to their location. This helps reduce pollutant emissions while promoting an essentially environmentally friendly way of holding business meetings. Nevertheless, the needs of our customers in terms of convenience come first and therefore the various meeting options are always coordinated with our customers.

With these measures, which are integrated in our services, we at M.M. - The Consultant contributed to a cleaner and greener future.