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E-Book: Be Successful, Work Effectively, and Stay Healthy

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  • 7 Traits of Top Entrepreneurs: Do You Have Them?  
  1. An unwillingness to give up.
  2. The deep desire to keep questioning everything.
  3. Long-term visions.
  4. The ability to get others behind you.
  5. A deep passion for their work.
  6. A deep understanding of yourself.
  7. You can adapt at any time.
  • How to Burn Calories at Work.
  • 10 insider tips for more professional success just through your charisma.
  • Recognize and defeat energy vampires in the team.
  • How to work in flow (+ motivational soundtrack).
  • With these 7 negotiation tricks you will fight your way to success.
  • 5 tricks for better time management.
  • 10 characteristics of the responsible persons.
  • Successful outside of your own comfort zone.
  • Put an end to the flood of emails: This is how you keep track of things.

Number of pages: 27 pages