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E-Book: Leadership & Team Management

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  • Fatal mistakes by the boss: How to destroy a team
    • Micromanagement
    • Refusal to delegate tasks
    • Selection of favorites among your employees
    • Scapegoating certain employees
    • Establishing ill-advised quotas and deadlines
    • Waste of time with useless meetings
    • Reject or ridicule suggestions
    • Focus on the negative rather than the positive
    • Hypocrisy and lies
    • Inappropriate or harassing behavior
  • For these reasons, your top employees are looking for a new job!
  • Instructions for training new employees
  • Conflict management: when employees argue
  • Leadership without authority? Yes, it is possible!
    • Sensitive listening
    • Warm body language
    • Positive emotions
  • swell

Number of pages: 20 pages